Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Bliss City East / Vidulgi OoyoO: Split Album Release

It's not altogether uncommon for us to revisit artists mentioned here for new music, so when we learned of a long-awaited release involving two previously featured bands from completely different parts of the world, our excitement grew exponentially. In the works for well over a year, the brand new split album from Seoul, South Korea-based outfit Vidulgi OoyoO and spin-off evolution Bliss City East of Chicago, Illinois is now as real as it gets. The album was released earlier this month through our favourite Korean label Electric Muse and will be made available for the rest of the planet on June 21 by way of Chicago's Fake Label Recordings. Although each band approaches their distinct sound from a unique direction, similarities most certainly exist in swirling guitars and beautiful female vocals that find us drawn to this collection of songs like a pair of moths to a single porch light.

Enjoy the following preview tracks from this new album (currently available for purchase on yesasia.com). Also be sure to visit the links for listening, additional information and to support both of these bands. Brilliant music all around that might have those familiar with the time-honoured sound of psychedelic rock and shoegaze melting gleefully into their seats. Let's get started...

Vidulgi OoyoO

MP3: Mermaid Queen

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Bliss City East

MP3: Stop Clock

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