Saturday, April 24, 2010

Green Grocer

As mentioned in previous posts, 2010 is turning out to be a year in which quality EP releases seem to flow into our email inbox and this afternoon we have yet another impressive one to share. Green Grocer is the Chicago, Illinois trio of Michael Hurder (vocals, synths, loops, bass), Elliott Conley (guitar, fuzz) and Max Horwich (percussion, loops) who have a new collection of five songs that were released as a self-titled EP earlier this month. The sound is decidedly synth-pop, caressed warmly with an understated accompaniment of distant guitars providing a rich backdrop for what we consider to be the overwhelming allure of this music project. Vocals of frontman Michael Hurder are explained as "barks, growls, croons and screams" but our interest was quickly drawn away from the press release as we began listening to his voice. An instant comparison to Grant Hart developed to the point of us having to double-check band photos to be sure this wasn't a covert resurrection of Nova Mob. Hints of Ian McCulloch's vocal stylings seem to be an influence as well. Have a listen to this preview from the new EP...

MP3: Haunted

Most definitely a darker shade of pretty where late 80s-centered psychedelia is concerned. The band is currently putting together their itinerary for an extensive summer tour. Live dates and additional information can be found by visiting the Green Grocer MySpace page. To find, listen to and purchase the entire new EP, check out the Green Grocer Bandcamp page. There is also a video for the above featured track Haunted. Here ya go... !

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