Tuesday, March 09, 2010

CNC: No Mood EP

We've spent this past week on hiatus, mostly avoiding computers and neglecting our little music world, but now need to dig back into things with a recently released EP that sent enough chills up the spine to register along with a number of our classic favourites. CNC is the studio-only recording duo of songwriter Borys Dejnarowicz (formerly of The Car Is On Fire) and multi-instrumentalist Piotr Maciejewski (from bands Drivealone and Muchy) who reside in Warsaw, Poland. The late 2009 release that happened to catch our immediate attention was made available through Warsaw-based label Draw Records and is titled No Mood EP. After a number of listens that built into our eventual fervour, it became mandatory this collection of songs be heard as a single entity instead of any given attempt at random sampling. With a balance of experimental pop and noise-tastic interludes that will surely bring back loveless-loveliness from the year 1992, CNC seems to have delivered a powerfully relevant EP that is, tragically enough, a one time collaboration. How can this be?

Have a listen to the somber finale of No Mood EP. Beautiful.

MP3: Xenility

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