Monday, May 10, 2010

Birds of California

West Haven, Connecticut-based Tweefort Records is currently planning a name change to February Records this summer, but the transition seems to be having no effect on the frequency of quality releases from regional and international artists. One of the latest offerings we've spent a great deal of time listening to is a brand new three track single from six-piece music collective Birds Of California. The musicians involved in this project are listed as Tim Brown (guitar, vocals) and Donna McKean (bass, vocals) of former incarnation Lunchbox, Stewart Anderson (drums) from Boyracer, as well as Amr Toppozada (guitar, moog), Jeremy Goody (horns, keyboard) and Ron McKean (piano, organ) to complete the full band. Their impressive single, aptly titled Great Expectations, is freely downloadable by visiting our above-mentioned links for the Tweefort/February label. For those who haven't already skipped ahead to listen, be prepared for a clean, yet surprisingly warm take on mod/britpop balanced by a respectable level of shoegaze-influenced and downright fuzzed-out guitar backdrop. Add in the simple accompaniment of horns and we are now smitten. Not entirely sure we've ever experienced this particular combination of sounds, but the result is just lovely. Birds Of California...

MP3: Laugh Out Loud

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