Wednesday, May 26, 2010

The Blanket Ghost

Daryl Goerner is an Austin, Texas-based multi-instrumental/media artist who has a pair of long-time music projects we've only recently had the fortune of discovering. For the purpose of today's feature, we bring you The Blanket Ghost, an undertaking of his dating back to 2005. Utilizing a procession of old keyboards, laptop and a guitar on loan, Goerner composes a brilliant mixture of musical turns that find our welcome ears pressurised by ongoing transitions from well undersea to above the clouds with each vocal interlude. The sounds we are currently experiencing can probably best be described by the artist himself...

"The majority of songs recorded feature very simple song structures with more emphasis placed on the true essence of the sounds committed to tape. These are not pop songs, these are rudimentary ideas and feelings I've had that somehow made it from my head to your ears. Everything is recorded at home holed up in a 1950's boarding house turned apartments across the street from Pease Park in Austin,TX. "

Little Flower is the title of an upcoming EP that includes three lovely songs, one of which can be heard front and center, as a swimming introduction to what can be expected upon release date. For previous musical offerings, including The Light Years (2005-2009) and Halls EP (2010) along with available artwork, visit the Little Flower website. Before we neglect to mention it, Daryl Goerner also maintains a sister music project in Mejetairliner which is very much worth checking into. For now, we leave you with a first listen to a brand new track from The Blanket Ghost. The EP title might suggest, and we certainly hope, that there might be a follow up in some full-length form, or at least a few additional seeds germinating in the soil.

MP3: l o o k a t t h e s t a r s

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Lindsey said...

amazing track! puts EVERYTHING on the forkcast to shame.