Wednesday, May 12, 2010

The Duchesses

Sydney, Australia-based four piece The Duchesses have thrown our collective senses into seasonal turmoil in the best way possible. A sound that could easily find us escaping snow drifts in exchange for the warmth of a dank pub also sends us searching for our ratty old blanket from which a sweltering outdoor music festival can be enjoyed during summer months. Call it the difference between arbitrary genre-terms psychedelic and shoegaze, or the alignment of stars where both are in harmony. Either way, we have another gem to share here. The brand new, debut full-length album was self-released around a week or so ago and is currently available by visiting the linked band name above or An upcoming pair of local live performance dates will take place, beginning on May 27 at Leichhardt venue The Wall, complimented by a June 9 appearance at Oxford Art Factory in Darlinghurst. The following preview from this new album should give regular MML visitors a good idea of what to expect. Enjoy.

MP3: Better Than You

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