Thursday, May 20, 2010

The Never Setting Suns

Almost exactly two months ago (March 20, 2010) we presented an introduction to favourite regional music venue The Southgate House along with an impressive local trio that was to perform live that very same night. Since our original mention, the band was lovely enough to forward their brand new release to our weather-battered mailbox and we've been absorbing their sounds for the better part of a week now. Not just listening through our little computer speakers, but during daily travels around town at high volumes in the car, which lends added relevance to the music since the band is made up of local musicians. Enter Corey Larrison (vocals, guitar), Chris Courts (bass) and Tyler Griffin (percussion), the Cincinnati, Ohio three piece known as The Never Setting Suns who have a new full-length album to share titled And Now We're Not Alone. Before we go any further, let's have a listen to the very first track from this most recent collection of songs... shall we?

MP3: Made Of Hearts & Four Leaf Clovers

For those not already listening, this song is an excellent introduction for And Now We're Not Alone and a good indication of what can be expected from the balance of music contained within. Aside from the various catch-laden song structures involved, one of the more exceptional aspects of this album is the bands ability to avoid timeworn bells and whistles or any distracting veil of noise in the name of experimentation. Instead, this straightforward guitar-centered rock remains consistent and building from the warm inspiration of classic artists, specifically Neil Young, into open-ended flurries of distortion pedal goodness equally influenced by a more recent crop of artists. The next track we have from the album is actually titled after a favourite Texas-based outfit of theirs... and ours. Enjoy.

MP3: Explosions In The Sky

If previously unfamiliar with The Never Setting Suns, now might be a perfect time to get to know them. A great young band from right here in the Queen City.

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