Sunday, May 02, 2010


In maintaining this little music blog, it only stands to reason that plenty of artists will end up having similar musical tastes to our very own. In the case of today's featured band, the listed influences raised more than a couple of eyebrows and ears straight away. Any mention of Mr. Robert Pollard is a special thing, but when the very next music reference is Bob Mould (specifically Sugar: see November 2007 tribute post) you can pretty much guarantee our undivided attention will be captured for at least an initial listen. This time around, we have an impressive one to share with our regular visitors. Picnic is the trio of Piero Punzi (vocals, guitars), Nicola Scandone (bass, vocals) and Stefano Iannone (drums, vocals) from Salerno, Italy. Although these three musicians have been performing together since school days, there have been no recording sessions in a proper studio. Instead, they've created a brilliant full-length collection of bedroom-recorded tracks, titled See Seldom, Soon Forget, that have yet to be released on any regional or international label. While the songs have a decided GBV quality that is easily spotted, the peripheral influence in no way overwhelms the unique sound of this band. Additional listening and information can be found by visiting the Picnic MySpace page. A pair of previewable gems from the See Seldom, Soon Forget LP to follow for your enjoyment. Yes, we love them.

MP3: The Useless Band
MP3: First Feeling

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