Friday, March 30, 2007

MML: International Experimental 3

Last month, we featured four musicians in a brief article aptly titled MML: Experimental Four which gave notice to artists from around the world who have a slightly different take on music. As follow up, we now have three more incredible tracks from International performers who are both innovative and flavorful in equal measure. As was the case with our last post, the music here is mostly instrumental, so you will need to consider finding your hot herbal tea & slippers before experiencing the full audio effect. We decided to post these together since all three artists featured utilize both a responsible level of electronica, along with plenty of traditionally manual instruments. Our first stop is Göteborg, Sweden for the trio of Anders, Jon and Martin who make up Detektivbyrån. If you love the sound of bells or accordion, in any genre of music, this will be a big favorite. Next up is a beautiful song from an outfit that call themselves Gravity_Says_i. They are from Athens, Greece and, even after a couple of emails back and forth, I still could not get their individual names. The mystery will have to continue ah? There are vocals in this song which are quickly followed by an excellent mix of traditional sounds towards the end of the track. Finally, we visit Shibuya, Tokyo Japan for a musician known only as Ayatë. I have little information on Ayatë but the links presented below might give you a better idea... In all cases listed above, this is extremely good and deserves future updating. Enjoy the music.

Location: Göteborg, Sweden

Detektivbyrån Website
Detektivbyrån MySpace

MP3: Nattöppet


Location: Athens, Greece

Gravity_Says_i MySpace

MP3: Objects in Mirror Are Closer Than They Appear

Location: Shibuya, Tokyo, Japan

Ayatë MySpace
Ayatë Blog

MP3: Umi

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Anonymous said...

Gravity_says_i are, indeed, such a good band! There's a copy of their cd waiting me somewhere & I long to hear it come summer... Definitely worth advertising a bit. By the way - you're doing a great job here!