Wednesday, March 28, 2007

The Sheds

I have to say... It really is nice living on the edge of the Ohio River within downtown Cincinnati, Ohio. Only a bridge across this somewhat beautiful river and a few miles into Kentucky from my compartment finds today's featured artists. There are so many talented regional musicians to experience locally and this time you get a definite favorite of ours. We originally featured The Sheds on September 30, 2006 [read original review + download] and easily gave the music high recommendations. Some additional online music resource-type folks handed out similar affectionate notice and for good reason. Since that time, a respectable amount of national and international attention continues to build in the direction of this band. Now, with a brand new CD set for release, The Sheds offer the following comfort... You've Got A Light.

Cameron Cochran
and Chris Haubner are a musical duo from Burlington, Kentucky who often refer to themselves as The Sheds. They have been busy making music together since 2005 and you can download just about all of it on The Sheds website. The new release You've Got A Light was just made available there (for free!) so, if you enjoy what you are listening to, pay them a visit. Also, stop by The Sheds MySpace page to listen, check tour dates and add to myspazz friends. The next live performance will take place tomorrow night 3/29 at local (Northside) Cincinnati venue The Comet. After a couple of shows lead the band from Ohio to Illinois, they return April 28th for the You've Got A Light CD release party at Historic Southgate House in Newport, Kentucky. Just a few minutes walk across the Purple People Bridge and I am there that night for sure. This is wonderful new material from an MML favorite. Enjoy.

MP3: Drunk For Lunch
Bonus MP3: Reflection of the Sun
Bonus MP3: Mtn Cat
Bonus MP3: Trash Can Jeans