Thursday, March 08, 2007

Pelle Carlberg

Scandinavian week? I'm not sure yet but it might seem that way if you were placing a safe bet. Today's featured artist has a long history (almost exactly my age) in a particular segment of the Swedish music scene we mention often on our blog page. Pelle Carlberg is originally from Uppsala, Sweden where he was a part of several bands. Eventually, and most recently, he formed the six piece outfit Edson. From there, his solo work emerged and continues to receive praise from many directions with a moderate and recent new surge within music blog circles. The song featured today belongs to the upcoming release In a nutshell which will be available March 28 through Labrador Records. If you were wondering, like myself, the female vocal contributor for this song is none other than Ida Maria (Ida Maria MySpace.) If you would like more information and music downloads, visit the Pelle Carlberg website. There is also a Pelle Carlberg MySpace to hear tracks from his 2006 album Everything Now! and watch a YouTube Video of the song Riverbank from that release. In fact, you can watch it right here...

I have no ridiculous music comparisons this time and so you are spared my trite blather for once. Just listen to some of the other songs on the links provided above. They are really good.

MP3: I Love You, You Imbecile

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