Wednesday, March 07, 2007


Making a go at posting as many 2007 SXSW bands prior to the festival as possible was originally our plan, but recent travels have made it almost impossible to keep up with the mayhem. Instead, I thought it a small consolation to feature a few of our favorites in the coming week or so. There really will be far too many musicians in Austin, Texas during the coming days to sort through all of them but I've made an attempt as far as our obvious tastes are concerned. This driving noise rock, with what I've read is a chaotic stage performance, might find just about anyone who visits the MML blog regularly front and center if given the chance check them out live. Reykjavik! is a raucous 5 piece from (where else?)... Reykjavik, Iceland. Members Bóas (vocals), Haukur (guitar), Gummi (guitar), Kristján (drums) and Valdi (bass) formed the band in 2005 and have since received multiple "Best of 2006" mentions regionally as a result of last years debut album Glacial Landscapes, Religion, Oppression and Alcohol. It was released, and is currently available on the Iceland and now also Denmark based label 12 Tónar ( 12 Tónar MySpace) If you get the chance to visit the Reykjavik! MySpace page there are more songs and links to download a new web-only EP. After the almighty SXSW Festival, Reykjavik! will make an appearance at the much anticipated SPOT Festival 2007 in Århus, Denmark. There is also a SPOT Festival MySpace to check out where past and present year lineups and band profiles are featured. Enjoy today's noisy treat.

MP3: All Those Beautiful Boys

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