Sunday, March 11, 2007


Getting back into things for the beginning of the week will not be difficult once you listen to today's featured artists. It's not often (these days) you find a band that gets mainstream attention before the music blogosphere gets its paws all over it, but that seems to be the case here. This is highly addictive pop/punk with just enough of a cleaning job on the recording to keep some mid-level Virgin executive from his Eric Clapton iPod nap for a second or two. Fatels are a London, UK based trio consisting of Dan (guitar/vocals), Harry (bass/vocals) and JoJo (drums/vocals). The band is currently receiving attention for all the right reasons and have a couple of places for you to visit in order to hear, see and learn more about them. First of all, there is the Fatels MySpace page where you can add as friends and listen. If that weren't enough, there is also a Secondary Fatels MySpace page with more songs to download. The next live performance will take place this Wednesday March 14 at local Camden Town venue The Cuban where Fatels take the stage along with The Convictions and Eden James. Before I forget, there is also a YouTube video of the song Tough Luck Kid which the band will make available April 10 for download... here!

All good stuff and I swear I heard this song on BBC 6Music when I was over there last week.

MP3: Sunni Cher

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