Monday, July 21, 2008

The Harvey Girls

So let's just say we decided to ditch our current existence as part time bloggers/full time office dwellers in exchange for a musical commune, of sorts, out in the desert somewhere in the Southwestern United States. Not that we would ever do such a thing (neither of us being able to handle even the driest of heat), but if we did, it would certainly include an effort to recruit today's featured duo to inhabit a modified school bus, makeshift chimney and all, to... aw, who are we kidding? All dreaming and half-joking aside, the once Lawrence, Kansas based, now Portland, Oregonians Melissa Rodenbeek and Hiram Lucke were first featured here in September 2006 with a follow up of the lovely side project Holland Buffalo just this past January 2008. This couple, known to many as The Harvey Girls, now has a brand new full length Circle Into Square Records digital release, titled Nutate, which is an excellent addition to the ever growing catalogue from two of our favorite musicians. You can listen to some of the new tracks while paying a visit to The Harvey Girls MySpace page and also download a ton of stuff, including some very cool cover songs, from The Harvey Girls website. Project after project, this band continues to hold our attention and make us smile gleefully, and that is probably the most important thing about maintaining this music blog. Simply put... we love em.

From the June 2008 digital release Nutate:
MP3: Hey Little Sprout!
MP3:Vicodin Casio

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Anonymous said...

Melissa--I am searching for you from the cultural desert of Garden exciting to see and hear all your wonderful creations. Please contact me if you get this message.

Your friend from long ago,