Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Dead Heart Bloom

This will be a brief post since the email inbox has been a buzzing little bee while we have remained mostly silent, but that all changes now with the first of a series of featured artists who almost had us overlooking their kind messages and outstanding music. In this case, it might have been the band name (I know what you regulars/dry-tank folks are thinking) but don't make the mistake we almost made. Take a listen to this New York City based rock quartet, consisting of founder Boris Skalsky (vocals, songwriting, multi-instrumentalist(ism) along with fellow musicians Paul Wood (guitar), John Hadfield (percussion), Nate Goheen (bass) and you will find a deep, rich sound that brings to mind too many quality influences to mention without exploring our entire catalogue from 20 years ago. The brand new EP, simply titled Fall In, was just released, through KEI Records, and is completely free to download on the Dead Heart Bloom website. You can also find an amazing amount of downloadable music and more information by visiting the Dead Heart Bloom MySpace page. The next live performance will take place tomorrow night, July 16, as the band lights up the stage at Brooklyn venue The Living Room. Oh, and before I forget... the new tracks? Here are a couple of them to sample and enjoy.

MP3: Is This The Way The Good World Will End?
MP3: Come Back

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