Thursday, July 24, 2008


Instead of our usual long winded drivel, informative or otherwise, and since the majority of tidbits we could find were only available in French language, we decided to present today's featured music on its own with only a few observations. First, let's get to what we do know. Innersky is an energetic electro-rock outfit consisting of founding musicians Jean Ousmane (vocals, guitar, bass) and Alexandre Pradier (programming, bass, guitar, synth) from Paris, France. They began writing music together in 2004 and eventually enlisted the support of fellow musicians Tony Ribeiro (bass) as well as David Laforge (drums), to complete the full band lineup. If you are already listening, there are plenty of impressive, yet subtle, hints of the band's mixed bag of influences including what we heard in the Sonic Youth guitar tones and later JAMC feel in the track In Space. To get the complete picture, we recommend a visit to the Innersky MySpace page for more music and a quality video that was filmed on a local Paris street. There is also an Innersky acoustic MySpace profile with more sounds and a ton of fun pictures of friends in sunglasses for some reason. Have a listen...

MP3: In Space
MP3: Watching

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