Sunday, July 27, 2008

MML Exclusive: Tomihira

Here we are at the end of another standard weekend away from various responsibilities... but this is no ordinary Sunday evening by any measure. If you are a regular visitor to our little corner of the music-blog world, you probably already know there are a handful of artists who are acquainted with/adored by MML and are updated frequently. Today's re-featured musician just so happens to be a good friend and, as a result, we all get to have a first listen to the new stuff. Tomihira is the long time music project of San Francisco, California based multi-instrumentalist Dean Tomihira. Our first pair of reviews happened in March and then May of 2006 with a more recent entry to follow again in March of this year. If anyone had a second thought regarding Mr. Tomihira's whereabouts, musically or otherwise, they can now rest assured that good things are well in the works. According to Dean, the plan is to make available one track per month until the brand new full length release, tentatively set to be titled Blackout, is a done deal. For more information, stop into the official Tomihira website or the Tomihira MySpace page to "add" for more compulsory music stalking, as well as a (new to us) Tomihira blog. This new pre-release version of the following track Memory Metal is perfectly warm and lovely... exactly what we have come to expect. Have an extended first listen...

MP3: Memory Metal

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AdamD/DESA said...

You spelled that wrong... it's Toma-HOOCHIE-COOCHIE!