Tuesday, July 22, 2008


While the auto (blog) engine is still warm, we want to keep things purring along in posting yet another artist from the Groningen, Netherlands based label Subroutine Records (Subroutine MySpace). Mike Schepers is the musician behind this Zuid (south) Holland undertaking he has crowned Skipper and the upcoming October 2008 release is set to be titled Architecture And Design. The featured track sent our way didn't actually hit us over the head with a shovel during the first few moments, but we quickly became hooked once the strings kicked in properly and the uncomplicated subject matter, accompanied by a catch-tastic melody, took shape... yeah, we get wasted on occasion. There are three more tracks for listening on the Skipper MySpace page and some of you folks overseas will be able to check out a live performance, as part of a Subroutine showcase, August 29 at a very cool Groningen event known as Noorderzon Performing Arts Festival. Thanks again to Koen of SR for sending the music... we owe him quite a few cheap American water-beers at this point.

MP3: Wasted

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