Friday, July 04, 2008

Kill Kill Kill

Exactly one year ago today, we posted a quick theme song for the 4th of July holiday before heading out for the festivities (pubs). This year, however, we've decided to throw you directly into the fire with a completely raw, unpolished new offering from a previously featured artist. We originally featured the music of Brooklyn, New York based duo Boy/Girl during Feburary 2007 with a follow up in early July 2007. Since that time, guitarist/vocalist Eric Stiner seems to have relocated to Los Angeles and is now exploring experimental guitar tones with a handful of new friends. Kill Kill Kill is the new project of Mr. Stiner, and the goal explicitly stated on the Kill Kill Kill MySpace page is to release 12 albums during the next 12 months. Eric's progress can be followed and all of the new music can be heard/downloaded by visiting the frequently updated Kill Kill Kill blog. If you are looking for any type of traditional song structure here, a mild amount of heartburn might accompany your first exposure, but if you can sit back, close your eyes and listen at ear-bleed levels, as we have been doing repeatedly, you will more than likely thank us for the introduction.

Enjoy this 4th of July holiday and the following 8+ minutes of fireworks courtesy of Kill Kill Kill...

MP3: Dirge

Bonus: From the Boy/Girl 2007 released Secret Secret Secret Singles EP
MP3: Rorshack
MP3: The Shakes

Oh, and.....
MP3: Feel

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