Sunday, October 12, 2008

Satin Gum

In consuming our Sunday beers, while also making plans for another week of music here at MML, we happened to be listening to a number of bands and stumbled upon one that deserved our immediate attention. If already listening, or if you are even remotely aware of our current midwestern location and penchant for a lovely wall of guitars, today's showcased artist will come as no surprise where featurability is concerned. Satin Gum is a true-to-form rock trio from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania consisting of Brian Spekis (vocals, guitar, keys), Dan Vavro (drums, backing vocals), and Travis Craig (bass) who just so happen to have a brand new, self-titled EP to share. After listening to this new EP release, our initial thoughts involved locking the band securely in a studio, with occasional raw meat rations thrown under the door, in order to induce the best full-on rock record in future memory... or something along the lines of Amusement Parks On Fire at the very least. All fantasies aside, you can listen to more music at the Satin Gum MySpace page and check them out live, this Thursday October 16, as a performance is set to take place at local Pittsburgh venue/varnished treehouse Lava Lounge. Oh yes, this is a good one... and probably the longest title for a song ever.

MP3: No, We Are Not Naming Our Kids After Ikea Products

Now that I am out of review mode (whew)... I have to say, this band fucking rocks. As a non-related bonus, we are also giving you a similarly themed track from Copenhagen, Denmark trio The Floor Is Made Of Lava who we previously featured in 2006 and 2007. For some strange reason, I have the feeling these two bands would get on just swimmingly.

MP3: The Floor Is Made Of Lava - Ikea Did A Job On You

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chris said...

Actually, long song titles are a "Pittsburgh thing". Don Caballero has a song entitled In the Absence of Strong Evidence to the Contrary, One May Step Out of the Way of the Charging Bull