Sunday, October 05, 2008


So we spent another Sunday morning, with beers, sitting on the front porch watching elderly couples gently helping each other down front steps for church. It really is one of the charming aspects of calling middle-America home, regardless of the fact we would most certainly burst into flames upon entering any house of worship. Not to worry though, this time we remain non-combustible and only needed to visit our email inbox for great new music. Church is the experimental trio of Brandon Laws (vocals, guitar, moog, taurus, banjo), Richard Laws (vocals, drums, sampler) and Cristof Hendrickson (fender rhodes, minimoog, omnichord, glockenspiel) from Portland Oregon. A first listen to today's featured track, Happiness reveals exactly what the title suggests. From the initial keys that build into something of a quick guitar tribute to both Big Dipper and Bow Wow Wow in under two minutes, Church managed to capture the warmest depths of our ears... and then some. The featured song we now adore belongs to a So-Hi-Tek Records release, titled Gold and you can listen to more upon visiting the Church MySpace page. Happiness is more than alright.

MP3: Happiness

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Turducken Radio said...

Church is actually playing a radio show on KLC this friday @ 9, so check it out!

-Turducken Radio, click on the link to listen in i-tunes!