Sunday, October 19, 2008

Le Man Avec Les Lunettes

Tonight's featured artist is one we originally mentioned over a year and a half ago and, in order to appreciate the true international flavor this troupe of musicians present, we highly suggest a visit to our previous post [April 2007 review + download]. Le Man Avec Les Lunettes is the music project of Alessandro Paderno (vocals, eastwood guitar, microkorg, acoustic guitar, diamonica), Fabio Benni (vocals, gem imperial organ, omichord, glockenspiel, theremin, tape echoes machine), Simone Gelmini (percussion), Ombretta Ghidini (vocals, guitar, synth), Giorgio Marcelli (bass) and Daniela Savoldi (cello, violin) from the northern Italian city of Brescia. The brand new album, titled Plaskaplaskabombelibom, was two years in the making and has now been released through Italian label My Honey Records (My Honey MySpace) as well as Cake and Coffee Records in Germany. The new album, with a title that sent our spell-check into a spiraling meltdown, gives another glimpse into the experimental nature of the band, while moments of dancing playfully around classic influences completes this unique sound. For more music and information, check out the Le Man Avec Les Lunettes MySpace page or, more importantly, the official LMALL website where you can order the new release without delay. The next live performance will kick off a string of regional live dates as LMALL takes the stage November 8 at Fusignano (near Ravenna) venue Brainstorm. Enjoy.

MP3: Apples

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