Saturday, October 04, 2008


Ok... this one is beautiful, so we will spare everyone another extended blather-fest. MML friend Az, of previously featured music project Disco Ditto, gave us the heads-up on what we would consider a textbook example of how to make the both of us melt in our house slippers. Sharesprings is a Jakarta, Indonesia-based quartet consisting of members Abdul Wahid Sabilillah (bass, vocals), Rusli Budianto (drums), Riftyza Gestandi (guitar, vocals) and Ardhi Yudho (guitar, vocals) that formed as a complete band in 2006. There is more music to check out upon visiting the Sharesprings MySpace page and we highly suggest taking a few moments to do so. Since the myspazz music player is down for an extended repair session at present (completely fucked forever), we only needed to skip down the street in order to borrow a cup of sugar from neighboring music blog Coast Is Clear. Today's featured track is listed as a demo but it really is difficult to imagine anything else needing to be done here... just lovely!

MP3: Ceiling Blossom

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