Sunday, August 15, 2010

Sunkyeol EP

Seoul, South Korea-based label Electric Muse always seems to brighten our day with a simple click of an email send button from a magic little world of music we've both come to adore. This time around, our earful of loveliness belongs to a collection local musician-friends, from a variety of Korean bands, who have crafted a debut EP under the name Sunkyeol. Admittedly, the information we've been able to piece together on this particular music project is limited, however, there is a brief 2009 interview through Korean music resource Indieful Rok that might shed a bit more light for those interested. From the dreamy opening bells of Songstress to the concluding guitars falling into a sleepy haze for Aphex Convention, Sunkyeol delivers a beautiful EP, consisting of four songs, which require immediate listening rather than any further explanation. Enjoy the lead track.

MP3: Songstress

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placidian said...

The Sunkyeol song is really nice, thank you! (I followed the link over from IndieRok blog)