Sunday, August 22, 2010


Upon receiving new recordings from side-projects associated with previously featured artists, our collective interest is always piqued as the scramble for retrieving music files and spreading sound all over our little office space begins. In this particular instance, we are fortunate enough to bring you exactly one half, the female half, of Chicago, Illinois based lovelies Panda Riot. Musical collaborators Rebecca Scott (vocals, guitar, tambourine etc.) and Melissa Harris (vocals, keyboards, glockenspiel, etc.) have recently put together a handful of songs, under the band name Architecture, which will eventually belong to a debut EP in the very near future. Any extended commentary on our part would be futile at this early stage but, after having an listen to the preview, serious recommendations for closely following this duo can easily be made. Settle in with this beautiful track and expect an excited follow-up once the release date arrives...

MP3: Tomorrow

As an unexpected bonus, check out this R. Kelly cover song from Rebecca and Melissa. Love it!

Bonus MP3: Pregnant (R. Kelly cover)

Extra Special Bonus MP3: The Book Of Love (Magnetic Fields cover - Rebecca Scott)

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