Tuesday, August 03, 2010

Screen Vinyl Image: Remixes EP

With our continued effort in playing catch-up after the most recent hiatus, we need to reach back a few months for a release which happened to escape our collective radar at the time. To be perfectly honest, any mention of the term "remix" will usually find us scurrying for cover under a pile of old dusty hardcore records. This time around, however, the band in question was finally realized and manipulated tracks absorbed, leaving a sweet flavour developing almost instantly in our ears. Screen Vinyl Image is the Washington, DC duo of multi-instrumentalists Jake Reid and Kim Reid who were originally featured here in April 2009 with a belated review of the album Interceptors. Since that time, Interceptors was happily included in our 2009 Favourites Edition and Screen Vinyl Image have released their most recent project, an EP titled Remixes, through Virginia based label Custom Made Music. Each of the six tracks included in this EP are versions suited for a night-time drive rather than the confines of peripheral computer sound devices and make for the perfect precursor to an upcoming August EP/Cassette titled Ice Station via Fan Death Records. Check out the next live performance at local DC venue Velvet Lounge on August 15 and be sure to listen to the following song, aptly titled "What You Need", as remixed by French artist TeenageSinTaste. Lovely.

MP3: What You Need (TeenageSinTaste Remix)


My Stars* said...

Great band,GREAT BAND!Love everything they do.Thanks for this!

Wil Sintaste said...

Hello ! Thanks a lot to make hearing this remix ;)

Wil "TeenageSinTaste"