Sunday, August 09, 2009

Distant Guns: The Redundant Pioneer EP

We've been away from our little music hideaway for exactly one week now, but have some listening to share that will most definitely make up for our prolonged absence. Distant Guns are a UK-based duo who would like to remain mostly anonymous and are seemingly perplexed, or at least unimpressed, with the current social networking culture. For this reason, you will find none of the usual crop of fans or friends on the Distant Guns MySpace page. No friends at all, in fact. Instead, what you may happen to notice is an impressive collection of songs that flirt playfully with classic influences such as The Fall, or even moments of Ultra Vivid Scene, while these two musicians manage to put forth a sound that defies any certain genre saddle. As a follow up to their previous EP offerings including The Complacent Pacifist (2007) and The Peaceful Technophobe (2008), the band recently released a brand new addition, titled The Redundant Pioneer, which is now available (in limited quantities) through UK-based label Egress. The folks at Egress were kind enough to drop this new EP into the MML post box and our copy includes a miniature compass (that actually kinda works) as well as an Ordnance Survey(ish) map as part of the inlay! Fantastic presentation and a welcomed listen. Enjoy the new music from this ongoing project and be sure to check out the Distant Guns Soundclick page for additional free *shhh* downloads. We absolutely love this band.

MP3: Shakerley

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