Sunday, August 23, 2009

Sir Salvatore: Good Luck Charm EP

We really need to start checking our email inbox on a more frequent and/or thorough basis. If it weren't for a friendly follow-up message from today's featured artist, our little music world could have easily remained stagnant for the balance of this weekend. Sir Salvatore is the San Francisco, California based trio of David Lean (guitar, vocals), Alejandro Soini (drums, bass, vocals) and Eric Szyslowski (guitar) who we originally made mention of in January 2008. The brand new, self-released EP is titled Good Luck Charm and we strongly suggest you pay close attention. It's not often we find ourselves listening to anything close to reminiscent of alternative folk or rockabilly without wanting to end our lives in a flurry of razorblades, but with today's offering we find an unexpected and downright charming collection of songs that deserve to be shared. A first listen to what could possibly be the lead track... shall we?

MP3: Fireflies, Reading Books

Additional information can be found by visiting the Sir Salvatore MySpace page and an outstanding new video exists for the song Parallelevator which we've gathered from YouTube for your enjoyment. We love this band.

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