Thursday, September 24, 2009

Dabang Band: Last One EP

As was vaguely mentioned in our introduction to the multiple features we have planned from Korean label Electric Muse, not all of the catalogue being explored is comprised of recent releases... or even bands that still exist, for that matter. Today we have a couple of impressive indie rock songs that belong to a 2006 EP aptly titled Last One from the now defunct Jeonju, South Korea based four piece Dabang Band. After reading a dated press release on the band, it seems this was the last of three EPs that Dabang Band made available since their formation in 2002. The final lineup is listed as Myoung Jae Yi (vocals, guitars), Thai Iv (drums, backing vocals), Yoon Ho Sang (guitar, backing vocals) and Jung Sung Hwan (bass, backing vocals). We would seriously love to know what, if any, music projects each of these artists are currently involved with. Have a listen...

MP3: 45
MP3: It's A Lie


gordsellar said...
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gordsellar said...

'd swear I've left a comment before, but maybe not. There's a whole mini-website up now with a lot of memorabilia, photos, the first couple of albums available for download, and more:

I'm not in touch with the old group, but as far as I know, most of the band left Korea long ago: Thai moved on in 2005, and Myoung Jae sometime after that, returning to Australia. I left Korea in 2013. Sung Hwan, however, is in Korea, though he did go to Australia, I think to study music production (though don't quote me on that).

I don't know what anyone else is doing musically, though someone once sent me a video of Thai performing someplace, so he may still be playing, and Sung Hwan seems to have been active in the Jeonju music scene since he got back... As for me, I don't play much--one reason I quit the band was to focus on fiction-writing--but I'm still doing some soundtrack work and trying to build my jazz chops back up.