Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Atombook: Warm Hello From The Sun

It's been a long time coming, but we are now fortunate enough to dig into the catalogue of music that was sent to us by Korean label Electric Muse. To start things off, we've unwrapped the plastic from the first CD and found an amazing collection of 16 tracks that have kept our attention without a single song ignored in the listening process. From what information we've gathered, Atombook is currently a four-piece consisting of musicians simply listed as SP (guitar, vocals). Yeunbyul (synth, vocals), Sooyoung (bass) and Hankil (drums) who have been writing and recording music together since 2002. The most recent album, titled Warm Hello From The Sun, was released in 2008 and is brimming with the sweetness that is usually reserved for Swedish indie-pop bands while offering a perfect glimpse into the classic American folk music that seems to be an underlying influence throughout. There is additional information and music to be found on the Atombook MySpace page. Please have a listen to the following two songs that belong to Warm Hello From The Sun and be prepared to adore this band...

MP3: All The Ways To Find Nothing
MP3: Ice Cream (Magnapop influence?)

As an added bonus, we present a youtube video of the title track Warm Hello From The Sun... in love yet?

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