Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Army: Dora EP

During late September into early October of last year, we spent a few weeks featuring the music of seven different bands from wonderful Korean label Electric Muse. Having finished our multi-post marathon with no idea if there would be future correspondence, it was a recent delight to find a new email message with label news and a brand new release we can now share. Army is the Seoul, South Korea-based trio of Sejung Heo (vocals, guitar, harmonica), Seungwon Shin (bass, chorus) and Joohyun Yoon (drums, percussion, chorus) who have a debut collection of four songs titled Dora EP.

While the influences involved are decidedly western blues-rock, a classic genre we would usually cross any busy motorway to avoid, all songs included on Dora EP are massively catchy and deserve the same listening attention that left us slapping hands on thighs repeatedly. Army is an impressive addition to the Electric Muse lineup and the new EP will be celebrated with a live performance on Friday, June 18 at local Hongdae venue Club FF. Have fun chanting along with the lead track... nice one!

MP3: Wild Horse

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