Thursday, June 10, 2010

Soda Fountain Rag: Reel Around Me

As difficult as it is for us to believe, well over two and a half years have passed since our first mention of the musician we have for listening today. Originally featured here in September 2007, then again in February 2008, Bergen, Norway multi-instrumentalist Ragnhild Hogstad Jordahl now has an upcoming full-length release with her tenured music project Soda Fountain Rag. The new collection of nine songs, recorded in Brescia, Italy, is titled Reel Around Me and will be made available on 10" vinyl through lovely Irish label Yesboyicecream Records (Yesboy Myspace). While patiently waiting for a hard copy of the vinyl to make its way overseas to our doorstep, a digital version of this latest offering arrived in our email inbox and all expectations were surpassed after having the chance to preview the music. Building on a simple formula of sweet, clever pop songs that draw on daily travels and observations, Soda Fountain Rag now seems to have acquired a beautifully enhanced range of moods to compliment a more commanding vocal presence. Our very first favourite pop album for the summer of 2010.

MP3: Are Philosophers Lonely?

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