Friday, March 10, 2006


Since I'll be visiting London, UK next week I figured it would be nice to feature a band from there. This is the "folktronica" I was referring to the other day. Tunng is the London-based project of producer Mike Lindsey, who has roots in thrash metal, and singer/guitarist Sam Genders. Genders is influenced more by classic genres. From what I read, they record their music in the basement of a lingerie shop. You actually have to go through the changing rooms to get to their studio!! The new release "Mother's Daughter and Other Songs" became available this past Monday in North America through Ace-Fu Records; you can also get it through their UK label, Full Time Hobby. The official release date is March 21st. Check out the band website, and of course the mandatory MySpace page for news updates and downloads also. They will be playing for the first time here in the states at the SXSW festival. (Ace Fu Showcase March 16th).

MP3: Tale From Black

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