Tuesday, March 14, 2006

The Pigeon Detectives

I can't seem to find out much information about this five-piece from Leeds, UK, apart from that, well, they're a five-piece and they're from Leeds, UK - but that's probably more down to my laziness than an actual lack of information. The biog on their website, however, doesn't give away much at all. What I can tell you is that they've been going since around 2002/2003, they're signed to the (also Leeds-based) Dance_To_The_Radio label, and they've released one single, I'm Not Sorry (available to buy from the label's site - they take Paypal, which always makes things easier), and their second single, You Know I Love You is due to be released on July 17th.

Check out the Pigeon Detectives website to hear (and download) a couple more songs - there's also more to listen to (including a preview of the new single) on their MySpace page. Oh, and if the reviews I've read are anything to go by, they're definitely worth going to see live.

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SARAH said...

i loooove the pigeon detectives :o

i saw them this monday and this tuesday it was very cool they're very cool too i looove them