Friday, March 03, 2006

Ted Leo & The Pharmacists

Very quick writeup today... the song's more than good enough to need a lot of fanfare, for a start. After his previous band Chisel broke up in the late 90s, Ted Leo, living in Washington, DC at the time, started recording with Dave Lerner and Chris Wilson as Ted Leo and the Pharmacists, releasing their first album in 1999, and another three since. If you like what you hear here (the song comes from their fourth full-length album, Shake the Sheets, released on Touch & Go/Quarterstick Records), you might want to check out the Ted Leo & the Pharmacists website where there are several more tracks to listen to and download (as well as a shop where you can buy music & merchandise), and also their MySpace page, where you'll find a few tracks too.

MP3: Bleeding Powers

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