Thursday, March 16, 2006


This band from Stockholm, Sweden started out in 2004, originally going by the name Novak, and releasing one album under that name. Following a change in line-up and a shift in their musical style, they thought a name change was in order too, and decided to call themselves Antennas. They're signed to indie label Novoton and released their first (or second, depending on how you look at it!) album, Sins, earlier this month. This song, Adapt! is set to be the first single release from the album, and it's such a wonderfully catchy and melodic piece of indie pop that if there's any justice in the world, it'll get plenty of airplay and really get the band noticed.

If you check out the Antennas website, you can hear more songs from the album, as well as the stuff they released under as Novak (there's also a couple of Novak tracks to download) - and it's all available to buy from their label's download store (prices are in Euros) and mail order store (USD $14/GBP £9, inclusive of shipping) - they accept credit/debit cards via Paypal. Oh, and I almost forgot... they are (of course) on MySpace.

Nice stuff... enjoy!

MP3: Adapt!

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