Tuesday, March 07, 2006


Today's slice of dreamy shoegaze loveliness comes from yet another Swedish band, Aerial... yep, we really do have something of a fixation with the music that's coming out of that country right now. And with good reason.

Aerial are a four-piece signed to the Nomethod label, who have apparently (according to the extremely brief bio on the label's site) been described as a "perfect mix between Sonic Youth and Mono". The Sonic Youth influence in particular is very evident - their music instantly brings most of Daydream Nation to mind every time I hear it.

You can hear more on the Aerial website (there's a video to watch on there too), as well as on their MySpace page - and if you check out this page on Nomethod's site, you can buy the mini album that this song is taken from, Black Rain From The Bombing, either on CD or as MP3s.

Aerial are playing a few festival dates across Europe this summer, so if you're lucky, you might be able to catch them live...

MP3: Time is on Fire

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