Thursday, March 19, 2009

New Video: The Very Sexuals

Some welcome news to report on Eindhoven/Noord-Brabant, Netherlands lovelies The Very Sexuals, who we originally featured early last summer with their debut album Post-Apocalyptic Love [June 2008 MML Review + Info]. The band now has a brand new video for the track Carla from this outstanding release and Mr. Joep van Son was nice enough to give us a heads-up message the other day. Have a look.

Amazingly enough, the debut album Post-Apocalyptic Love continues to be available completely free for download and is every bit as good as we remember it being last year. A pair of tracks from the album for you...

MP3: Bowie Eyes
MP3: Billy Idol Look-Alike Contest

Finally, some links for the label, related music projects, musicians and previous MML reviews that are all good destinations for information connected to today's featured artist. Please click around and discover more about The Very Sexuals... we love 'em.

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