Sunday, March 15, 2009


Who is this faceless person pictured above in the under-developed photograph? If you are even a casual fan of the various music scenes around Sweden and/or follow some of our occasional offerings from this musically blessed country, today's featured artist is someone you will definitely want to know about. Lassus is the longtime music project of multi-instrumentalist Andreas Lassus from Gothenburg, Sweden. Aside from his active participation in the bands Muxika77 and Boy Omega (who we last featured in September 2006), Andreas has been busy with his own solo material. A mini-album, titled Stop & Start, Severed Heart, was made available in 2005 through Villa Recordings and, after a number of appearances on regional compilations, Lassus will soon have a debut, full-length collection of songs recorded and distribution-ready for 2009. The upcoming album is set to be titled Future War Inside The Heart and will be released here in the states through Chicago based label Fragile Famile Records (an offshoot of Jeune Eté Records) at a date that has not yet been disclosed. After listening to the impressive preview track we've provided below, what surfaced immediately was a combination of acoustic and experimental electronic accompaniment balanced thoughtfully without the slightest hint of one sound swallowing the other. Since the Lassus website is currently under construction, you will need to visit the Lassus MySpace page for additional music and information. Enjoy the preview track and be sure to check back in for updates on the 2009 release of Future War Inside The Heart. This song is just lovely.

MP3: Here Comes No Ray

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