Sunday, March 01, 2009

Baron Bane

For those who have any semblance of a quality audio system connected to their computers, now would probably be the perfect time to generate a respectable level of volume. We've been happily rattling the old windows of our little office with the bass tones of today's featured music and wanted to share this gem in a quick post. Baron Bane is a seemingly anonymous troupe of musicians from Gävle, Sweden (a town we showcased over the holidays with Twiggy Frostbite) who have been together for several years and have a handful of previous releases. The most recent single, Love.Cure.All, was originally made available through Swedish label Stupid Dream Records in November 2008 and can now be downloaded completely free (along with remixed versions) by visiting the Baron Bane website or the Baron Bane MySpace page. The track you are hopefully already listening to will eventually be a part of an upcoming, full-length, yet-to-be-titled release from Stupid Dream Records and we are very much looking forward to it.

MP3: Love.Cure.All (Original Mix)

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