Saturday, August 23, 2008

Eye Was An Ion

Where updates are concerned, today's featured artist finds us reaching back into some of the earliest days of the MML music blog, It was just over two years ago, on July 7 2006, when we originally presented what was then a two piece from Canada consisting of Mac Colasimone and Ryan Kitchen on the now dormant MML MySpace group page. Another mention of the band was made on our compilation post Celebrating The Duo and, since that time, there have been some recent additions to the lineup. Patrick and Martin (full names/instrumental duties unavailable) now round out the full band experience and there is also great news of an upcoming LP to report. This yet-to-be-titled DIY release, which we are only guessing by the new t-shirts to be self-titled, will become available within the upcoming month of September so it is highly recommended... no wait, mandatory for you dry-tank regulars to visit the Eye Was An Ion MySpace page for updated information on the exact date of release. If our first listen to the track I Will Hunt You is any indication of what to expect out of the latest material from this understated Sudbury, Ontario, Canada indie rock outfit, there will be plenty of additional updates and enthusiasm from our direction.

MP3: I Will Hunt You

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