Wednesday, August 13, 2008

The Salteens

With so many artists now escaping the traditional structure of annual release dates in order to reveal new music on a monthly basis, it's always a treat to find an outstanding band that has the presence of mind to take this trend and make it work in their favour... with two songs a month to boot!! I'd like to think we pay close attention to updated information on the musicians we feature but, truth be told, we have the attention span of a common goldfish and could use all of the help we can get. With that admission out of the way, we can now get to business. The Salteens are a five piece musical collective made up of Scott Walker, Rob Calder, Brent Follet, Kevin Cooper and Carrie Tennant from the western city of Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. The monthly music can be found upon visiing The Salteens website and more information is available through The Salteens MySpace page. We've had the guitar portion of this most recent submission happily floating in and out of our brains/ears for a few days now, so here you have a good listen on MML...

MP3: All We Want Is What You've Got

This month, the freely downloadable dual release from today's band is presented as a split single involving a B-side in the form of a spinoff project, titled The War Amps, which includes Salteen members Scott and Kevin. Here ya go...

MP3: The War Amps - All This time

Bonus Video: The following is a YouTube version of a video for the track "I'm So Happy, I Can Dance" that was filmed last year for the Nick Jr. television production Yo Gabba Gabba. If you are not familiar with children's television and are sitting at a table with a gun and an empty bottle of whiskey, this is probably not the video for you to watch. If, however, an unimaginable dose of sweet happiness can be appreciated without question, this viewing will find you in a warm little place few can argue with.

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