Monday, August 04, 2008


I woke up this morning and took a few steps out of bed to find myself falling down an entire flight of stairs. After sitting on the kitchen floor, examining my body for broken bones and being attended to by my wife, resident editor Michelle of course, only surface injuries were found and a Monday of gimping around the office ensued. It could have been an awful start to the week had it not been for the excited plans we had on posting today's featured artist... so for now I can lick my my wounds in audio/cocktail comfort tonight, knowing you will love the sounds. Inquiet is the music project of Melbourne, Australia based musician Sam Szoke-Burke and the song we decided to present is a beautiful track that belongs to to an upcoming, debut full length release titled Inq Beyong. The entire album will be made available through the artist-run AU label Brother Sister Records and there will be a launch party at local Melbourne media bar Horse Bazaar on September 4. For more experimental goodness, check out the Inquiet MySpace page and an extremely cool world music blog Sam runs called Yawning And Balafon. Have fun with this one... it's verrr good.

MP3: Middle Of The World

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