Sunday, August 10, 2008

Honey Thief

As is often the case, we found ourselves bumbling around some of our favorite music-related websites and blogs for news late last week. After checking into Bob Mould's own personal blog, aptly titled Boblog, we found some new details regarding the upcoming February 2009 release, as well as his usual and often entertaining handful of random links. This time around, Mr. Mould listed MySpace links for a pair of bands with no explanation besides a single word that followed... that one all-important word being 'shoegaze'. Needless to say, taking into consideration Bob's massive influence on the original crop of bands from that particular genre of music, we scrambled to check things out and ended up listening to an amazing outfit that you MML regulars really have to hear. Honey Thief is an experimental indie rock trio consisting of musicians Leonard Orozco, Todd Kreth and Kevin Hudson from Austin/San Antonio, Texas. The current members have been active, in various regional bands, for the better part of 15 years and have now found a common focus in their latest incarnation. Before a first listen, we need to ask a somewhat ridiculous, but completely necessary question. Are you ready for your new favorite shoegaze band? I certainly hope so, and think we just found our own in today's featured artist.

MP3: 7th Fold

In case you were wondering, the balance of music that can be found on the Honey Thief MySpace page, as well as the Honey Thief website is equally impressive and a refreshing fix for those not yet ready to give up on a sound that deserves every ounce of energy and detail Leonard, Todd and Kevin have put into it. The next live performance will take place August 30 at San Antonio coffee/ale venue Ruta Maya Riverwalk. Let's finish with another song that might give you a better idea of why we are gushing so profusely. Enjoy.

MP3: Beyond Movement

Many big thanks to Todd & Co. for getting back to us and allowing MML to post the music on this short notice.


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Lizzy said...

ahh, mr mould. im always very proud of our minnesotans....! hope you guys are well! haven't visited the site in awhile...i'll be sure to do more reguarly!