Saturday, August 02, 2008

MML Video: The Hectors

Earlier this year, on Feburary 13 to be specific, we featured the quartet of Robert Bonilla (guitar), Corinne Dinner (voice, guitar), Erik Greene (drums, percussion) and Jim Saunders (bass) who make up a Los Angeles based music troop known as The Hectors. At the time, the band endeared themselves to us with a recent EP, titled Sometimes They Collide, that had just been released a few months earlier through Tarantism Records. Thanks to a quick message from Corinne, we now have the opportunity to feature another track from that EP in the form of a video that we suggest for viewing. Of course, if we had our way, this video would include more of a certain Lloyd Kaufman/Troma-tastic feel to it, but since most fans probably wouldn't appreciate the band members eating each other's brains in space... ok, let's just say it's probably a good thing we are not consultants for this type of media. Anyway, there is more solid music to be found at The Hectors MySpace page as well as the most updated information at The Hectors website. The next live performance will take place August 9 at a local LA event known as Highland Park Summerfest.

From the 2007 EP titled Sometimes They Collide...
MP3: I Drove All The Way From Bridgeport To Make It With You

From the self titled debut EP:
MP3: Darren

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