Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Kai Reiner

Our most recent (unannounced) mini-vacation turned out to be an enjoyable week with family in from overseas and some quality time spent mostly away from computers, but it really is good to be back with music we could wait no longer to feature. While away, I had the chance to take in a fair amount of lo-fi/swirling noise rock from the inbox which ended up being an instantly favorable series of spins and so, with that being said, it may seem strange that we decided to return with a crisp guitar-based indie pop artist instead of our original plan to come out of our corner pelting you with an array of distortion pedals... ohh, but just you have a listen. Kai Reiner is a musician based in Hamburg, Germany who kindly sent us a copy of his brand new self-titled release. After listening to several rotations, we will not attempt to paint this as anything close to complicated or avant-garde in any way, shape or form. Instead, what we found was a solid catch-driven collection of well crafted songs we can highly recommend from start to finish. For more music and information on purchasing this summer 2008 release, check out the Kai Reiner website as well as the compulsory Kai Reiner MySpace page. Hopefully you are already listening... enjoy.

MP3: Cold Summer

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