Thursday, September 04, 2008

MML Update: Phillip Eno

If you are a regular visitor to MML and enjoy the darker side of experimental pop, today's offering might serve as another reason to explore and/or follow some of the featured musicians a bit more closely. Our original review of New York City based outfit Phillip Eno took place earlier this year in April and there are now two brand new releases to report. Blueprint is an impressive collection of new songs, while Maybe Tomorrow gives an acoustic look back at some of the band's previous material. Both new albums are freely available for download on the Phillip Eno website and you can also visit the Phillip Eno MySpace page to meet a few like-minded friends. Before I forget, the next live show will take place September 18 at local NYC venue Lit Lounge. Have a few listens?

From the 2008 release Blueprint:
MP3: Try As I Might (highly recommended!)
MP3: Your Name

From the 2008 acoustic release Maybe Tomorrow:
MP3: Dumplings

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