Thursday, July 28, 2011

Red Dwarf: World Rock (EP)

Keeping in touch with, and frequently visiting the music of artists we've featured previously is one of the most satisfying aspects of maintaining this music blog. Today, we have the fortune of presenting a new endeavor from a well traveled musician and long time friend who just so happens to have been mentioned more often than any other here at MML. Ray Weiss, a disturbingly gifted songwriter from New York City we first featured as frontman for The Medics in 2006, then repeatedly with his more recent band Le Rug, has now formed his latest music incarnation. Red Dwarf is the four piece of Max Kagan (vocals, bass), Jon Edelstein (vocals, guitars), Ray Weiss (guitars) and Matt Gaffney (drums) who have completed seven songs in the form of a debut release titled World Rock EP. Incorporating caustic new vocals, drunk-tank guitars and an underlying current of pop structure we are all too familiar with, this new project makes for an amazing listen. Here you go...

MP3: Red Dwarf

While the inclusion of Patrick Ewing for the EP artwork had us completely baffled, our brains were much more distracted by the ridiculous and humorous genre classification of NYC Dickwave. Please allow us... OK, make that Casey to be the first to explain this recent phenomenon as... "the scene that strokes itself".

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