Saturday, July 30, 2011

This Scarlet Mourning

Existing in various forms since 1990, long-time turned long-distance shoegaze band Skylight continues as a beautifully relevant, yet occasional endeavor we've been fortunate enough to follow in recent years. Although much of our attention has been focused on Chicago's evolving portion of the equation with lovelies Bliss City East, co-founding musician Brent Martino (guitar, programming) and Peter Kontos (guitar, bass) have also branched out, recording their latest music in northern Massachusetts. The new project, a complete band with the addition of vocalist Katie Bunting among other friends, has now been launched under the name This Scarlet Mourning, From the very beginning of their debut track, aptly titled Shine, a thoughtful cloud of peripheral white noise lingers to provide an additional layer to the endearing drone of Katie's vocals. All the while, undercurrents of classic guitar make perfectly certain a song structure remains in place to challenge almost any semblance of "nouveax-gaze" we are all too often confused and disappointed with these days. A listen to the introductory song is now in order. Looking forward to updates from this one.

MP3: Shine


Brent said...

Thanks so much for the post. Just wanted to let everyone know we have added Don Barry on Bass and Aaron Chase on drums. We will be in the studio early this fall to record an ep. Thanks again

This Scarlet Mourning

4casey4 said...

Thanks for the additional info Brent. Love the music!