Tuesday, August 02, 2011

Collider: Vaede EP

In the spirit of doing some much needed catching up, while also updating MML with new music from a band we only began to adore early last year, our latest listening session presents two songs to give an idea of the impressive range in sound you can expect from one band. Collider is a San Francisco, California music project we originally featured in January 2010 with their first pair of EP releases. Almost exactly one year later, in January 2011, founding musician John Ricksen and brother Mark Ricksen were also mentioned here with another experimental project in Illogical Time Concerns. The latest collection of seven songs, titled Vaede EP, manages to touch the sweet static of Scandinavian pop while not forgetting the drive of post-shoegaze influence where early 90s artists Ride, or even the likes of Swervedriver are concerned. Further listening to last year's offering, Strobos EP, seals the deal and might just find you digging through more from their catalogue. Two songs for the beginning of this music journey. Enjoy.

From the July 2011 release Vaede EP
MP3: Mono

From the June 2010 release Strobos EP (also available on 12" vinyl through Electric Kittyland Records)
MP3: Schemes

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